Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Look

It's been ages since I posted my outfits....really need to get back into it. I dress so much better when I'm participating in a Fashion Blog and/or Wardrobe-Remix.

So here's today's Outfit...Earlier in the day I had to make a Menards(think Home Depot, Lowes...etc.)run to pick up some 1/2 in. Sheeting Clips( We are building a house)...so I wore comfy boots and a heavier gray cardi over the rest of the outfit.

This evening we are heading into Appleton to greet a bunch of WWII Veterans coming home from a trip to DC. One of the Veterans is an old neighbor of the Commander's. He and his wife often took care of him and his siblings when they were younger. His son wanted to get a big group together for the "Homecoming' , so we agreed to come. We'll be greeting them at the Airport. It's also special because Commander was a Submarine Officer in the Navy just like his neighbor that we are greeting.

Grey Dress-Daisy Fuentes-Kohls

Mustard Cardi-Target

Grey Cardi(first pic)-Thrifted

Grey Tights-Apt9-Kohls

Mustard MaryJanes-Target

Brown Suede boots(from first picture)-Thrifted

TurquoiseRose Necklace(no longer available)-mark.

Scripture Bracelets-National Shrine DC

Rose Cuff(no longer available)-mark.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fringe Bag

This is my current bag....I am loving it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking Like a Flower Garden for Easter

Cardi and Skirt : Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne
Shoes: Payless

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Lazy Day at Home

Today was just another lazy day at home....not much going on.....it was chilly so I wanted to be warm...
Dk.Green Cabled Turtleneck-Thrifted the other day....
Ralph Lauren Jeans-got at Marshalls last year
Embroidered Clogs-Hanna Andersson-recent eBay purchase

Close-up of the clogs...they are too cute...and pretty comphy too!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tonight I had Bible Study with my Church's Women's Group ...this is what I wore. Gray Tunic Top -mark. by Avon -it's brand new. It's available next Tuesday. I'm a rep so I get to preview things and can order them early. It's very cute and very comfy. the next picture shows a little of the neck detail....
Gray Cabled Cardigan-Old Navy-bought it a few years ago.
Dark Jeans-Levi Signature.
and my New Brown Fringe Boots!
I'm also wearing Drop Leaf Earrings-also from mark.and this Earth Ring also from mark. -it's FREE with select fragrance purchases

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Off to Church

Here is what I wore to Church this week.....

I got the Brown Floral Dress at Dress Barn for Women a couple of years ago..I've worn it a few times to church....I don't know why I don't wear it more often as I really like how it looks. I always feel pretty in it. One of the reasons I want to do this blog is so I can see what works for me and what doesn't...what I should wear more often and maybe what I should get rid of.

The tights are new from Walmart and of course I'm wearing the NEW Shoes from Friday's Shopping Trip. They are Steve Madden and they were actually REALLY comfortable. I was able to stand in them all thru Mass without them hurting.

The necklace was a Christmas Gift from the hubby. My SIL forced him to go with her and her husband to a Craft Fair. I'm so glad she did, as I like unique pieces like this and I think it goes perfectly with this outfit.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do Nothing Day

I planned to just sit around in sweats all day...but looking thru today's wardrobe-remixers made me remember that I DO have a few cute knits I could be wearing instead. I'd be just as comfortable as in my sweats or PJ's but actually be 'dressed"....so I dug this sweaterdress out of my stored stuff box and rummaged around for these old woolish tights.
Gray Top-Not sure, Target I think..

Teal Sweaterdress-Target last year.

Gray striped Tights- I bought these a few years ago. I think they were Target

Stripe socks-crocheted by me.
Turquoise Rose Necklace-New-mark.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lunch and Shopping

Today I took my daughter to Lunch and out for some Thrift Shopping. We started out by having a nice lunch at Angie's, a cute little family restaurant. The food was good.
At the Thrift store my daughter scored the most awesome Full Length 70's Leather Coat and a cute Sweater/Skirt set. I found a few oversized sweaters that I'll need for my trip to Wisconsin.

We also got some really great shoes today at Marshalls. I got some cute Brown Suede Fringed Short Boots and a cute pair of Ruffled T-Straps( they seem to be all rage right now-I've seen similar ones on all the fashion blogs)

And she got the most awesome Patent Leather Lace-up Sneaker Type Heels from BCBGirls. These are to die for. I wanted to get them myself but I know I could probably never really pull them off. She will soooo Rock them though( and she said I can borrow them if I want...LOL)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I Wore Today

Today was pretty much a lazy hang around the house day. I was tempted to just shlepp around in my sweats, but in lieu of this blogs new direction, decided to fix myself up just a little. It's still a very 'relaxed " casual look. I've taken to sitting around in sweats too often lately. I always swore I would never be one of THOSE women...and here the last few months( ok who AM I kidding....Years) I've fallen into a rut of wearing either sweats or pajamas all day. Now granted , at least I never go out in public like that( does the Mailbox count?) ..If I have plans for the day...errands..appointments..or such I will at least dress like I did today if not nicer.

The Teal top I bought last year from mark.by avon...

The gray sweater is from Old Navy bought two years ago.

The jeans are Levi Signature. I own several pair, I live in them.

The Shoes are also Old Navy, a few years old. I love them and they go with just about anything..very comfortable too.

and Rose and Locket Necklaces are New from mark. This is one of my favorite pieces lately. It also comes in Aqua with a Silvertone chain and locket.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Direction

I've decided to take this blog in a new direction. The Photo Blog was starting to get a little redundant as I'm particpating in a 365 Project on Flickr that I post my daily pics on. I love Fashion and Style and think I have unique style of my own , although it's ever changing. I particpate in wardrobe-remix over at flickr but I'd like to do more with this blog. Posting about what I like to wear and all things involved with looking my best. Lately I haven't really been taking the best care of myself on a daily basis , so I'm hoping this blog will inspire me to try a little harder.

Latest Project

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Baking Bread...

Yummy Herb Bread...it turned out great!

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Third Times a Charm...

I accidently posted this to the wrong blog 2 times before finally posting to this one...the RIGHT one...LOL

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Beautiful Day...

It was so beautiful today...according to the Weather report is was only about 58 degrees but it felt sooo much warmer. I decided to take advantage of the nice weather to read on the Back Porch Swing..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baking Bread

I've been feeling very "Domestic" and "Housewifey" lately..not sure how long it will last!

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Trying out the webcam on my new laptop.....we are laughing because Drama Teen was surprised to see I had it on ....and then she realized she looked like a scary creepy guy creeping up on me.....

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Morning Coffee

In my new Jamas and Stripey Socks...

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A New Year A New Day

I figure today is as good a day as any to start this project again. I signed up for a Flickr 365 Group so I'll probably use some of those pics for this as well. Like this one: