Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I Wore Today

Today was pretty much a lazy hang around the house day. I was tempted to just shlepp around in my sweats, but in lieu of this blogs new direction, decided to fix myself up just a little. It's still a very 'relaxed " casual look. I've taken to sitting around in sweats too often lately. I always swore I would never be one of THOSE women...and here the last few months( ok who AM I kidding....Years) I've fallen into a rut of wearing either sweats or pajamas all day. Now granted , at least I never go out in public like that( does the Mailbox count?) ..If I have plans for the day...errands..appointments..or such I will at least dress like I did today if not nicer.

The Teal top I bought last year from avon...

The gray sweater is from Old Navy bought two years ago.

The jeans are Levi Signature. I own several pair, I live in them.

The Shoes are also Old Navy, a few years old. I love them and they go with just about anything..very comfortable too.

and Rose and Locket Necklaces are New from mark. This is one of my favorite pieces lately. It also comes in Aqua with a Silvertone chain and locket.

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